1. Whippin 


  2. Anonymous said: How do you know your settings rite away when shooting , cause I find myself always adjusting

    Tons of practice eventually you start to prep for what you’re shooting I suppose. I always think about what I’m about to shoot and get my best settings and adjust till they’re perfect. 

  3. Senior pics for Drake 


  4. nosleep-onlydreams said: Hey it's merna lol for your next photo project you should try light writing out its annoying but it's really fun and turns out really well

    I’ve done that a couple times, it’s been forever but I’ll give it a try! 


  5. I need help and suggestions

  6. my favorite person 

  7. Whip 


  8. ventura-blvdxo said: Nice photographs! Just spent a good hour looking through them. They're amazing. I really enjoyed scrolling through. I love Art specifically photography. I also love the fact that you try to minimise your editing and keep it as naturalistic as possible. They're the type of photographs I enjoy the most. It's pretty amazing when you come across someone similar in age (from my estimated assumptions) with the same interests. Nice work! :)

    Thank you so much! And I’m 16 lol. 

  9. Drugs 

  10. Growing tired of a lot of shit.