1. Ali


  2. Anonymous said: How long you been shooting ?

    A little over 4 years. 


  3. Time does go on whatever has you down right now will one day be a memory. MOVE ON. 

  4. Goals 


  5. Anonymous said: Out of all your pictures , what's your ALL-TIME favorite one ?


  6. Anonymous said: You ever have a ideal of who ask this questions . .?

    I honestly have no clue, I’m surprised I even get questions to be honest. 

  7. Test shot 


  8. Anonymous said: You ever think about that if photography doesn't work out ?

    I have, even if I don’t make it in the photography business I will still be shooting pictures just because its something I really enjoy and I can’t see my life without it. 


  9. Anonymous said: You have any haters ?

    Not sure, I would hope not. 

  10. Artea